Analytics & Research

Grey International provides strategic insights & strategy services to its corporate clients, delivering executive level decision makers with a decision advantage.

Main Benefits

We work closely with our clients to help better define their requirements at the onset of every project, thus ensuring delivery of supremely accurate products and services.

We uncover and transform raw data into actionable information. Grey’s research and analysis often yields discoveries that otherwise would be missed or overlooked by others relying simply on various databases and open source information resources.

In today’s competitive landscape, urgency is pushing tactical thinking.  Expediency can dictate tempo and thereby result in a rush toward delivering decision based products without thoroughly understanding the underlying data. Through our unique, time-tested methodology, we are able to efficiently cut through the fog of data overload. In short, our information collection, research, and analysis produces refined deliverables, which enable the end user to better understand the answers to their questions, and the solutions to their current challenges.

Examples of corporate decision support and due diligence products include:

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  • Corporate risk assessments.
  • Leader profiles.
  • Hostile social media mitigation.
  • Special background information support pre-and-post deal M&A activity.
  • Pre hire candidate assessment.
  • Pre termination staff risk profile.
  • Country and Regional risk assessment and mitigation strategies.
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