Security management services are designed to help clients understand and manage their security risks. We can assist in support of a special project, organizational change, expansion, or to address specific security needs. Our consultants are skilled at identifying risks, developing tailor-made solutions, and conducting on site training.

Grey International’s experienced and diverse consulting team effectively delivers and implements industry-leading risk methodologies with the support of our analysts, field staff, and instructors. For long-term projects we offer embedded consultants in client organizations to occupy management, analysis or internal consultancy posts.

Our security management consultants have experience with a wide range of clients from governments, non-governmental organizations, and multinational companies to small businesses and private individuals.

Our strategic security management services identifies and examines threats and risks to clients and ensures their mitigation strategy is appropriately focused and resourced. We work with business leaders, managers, security directors, and other senior staff members to ensure that security resources are aligned to meet core business aims. Grey International assists with development of corporate policies and standards, as well as security solutions and delivery plans for organizations.

We focus on people, security management, existing outsourced providers, and operational planning and implementation. We advise security managers in a number of areas: guard force or security systems procurement, as well as development of operational processes including testing and assurance. Grey International’s consultants provide clients with extra capacity for a specific need or to implement organizational security changes.

Our security management services are designed specifically for the frontline of security delivery: on-site or at the security team level. Grey International consultants balance different security measures – human, process, physical, and technical – to ensure that security meets organizational requirements. By reviewing a security team or physical assets, Grey International can help close gaps in security delivery. We test existing security measures using a blend of intrusion testing, social engineering, competency reviews, and technical security sweeps to ensure that security is both effective and applied appropriately.

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