Grey International

Travel Risk Assessment

Recently, Grey International was tasked to develop a ‘Travel Risk Assessment’ for a VIP client. However, the client requested that the assessment should be a 3-page document only, and should enable senior decision makers, with limited security experience, to make an informed decision on whether or not to go ahead with their project.

Syria, in 2018, is a complex environment. A simple way to describe the complexity of the situation in Syria, though over simplified and not encompassing, is to understand that there are several wars and war-like conflicts taking place at the same time, in the same geographical area.

Is it even possible to fit such complex information into a 3-page report?

The brief was fairly simple, a team of five (the client) want to travel to Damascus within the next 10 days. We want to enter the country by vehicle from Lebanon via the Beirut to Damascus highway.

The product is specifically tailored to an audience with only cursory security experience. In other words, this report is not written with the usual terminology and subject references as we would be expected.

To fit the content to the restrictive format requested by the client, we had to make some hard choices.
We had to leave out all but the most essential information. We could only include snippets from the ‘Context Assessment’, ‘Detailed Threat Assessment’ and the ‘Risk Mitigation Plan’.

Did we manage to get the balance right?

Download a copy of the report to find out.