Grey International


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    PR, Policy, Protocol, SOP, Training, Response

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    Govt, NGO, Corp, Civ


01. Intro

Readiness & resilience

Grey International helps your organisation prepare for, respond to and recover from a wide variety of disruptive events. Our focus is on protecting people, reputation, assets and operations in a compliant and value enhancing manner.

When a disruptive incident or crisis occurs, we focus on the following areas:

  • Protecting your staff and their families and other stakeholders
  • Safeguarding your reputation, key assets and other core interests
  • Ensuring that business continuity, regardless of location
  • Achieving compliance with standards and regulatory requirements
  • Safeguarding your financial position through risk management and planning

02. Brief

Risk Management

A key component of being ready for crises and incidents is the clear identification, understanding and management of the risks that pose the greatest threat to your organisation’s operations, reputation and brand.

Grey International leverages our deep expertise and experienced risk analyst team to help your organization better understand its risk profile, and create and embed monitoring capabilities.

Business impact analysis, risk assessment and monitoring helps your organization understand how change in its risk profile could impact the business. This determines response and recovery priorities should one of those risks materialize into a significant disruption or crisis.

03. Solution

Crisis management

Our crisis management and business continuity solutions are seamlessly integrated in to your wider risk management strategy to ensure that you are well-placed to maintain competitive advantage by recovering from crises quickly and efficiently. We map your existing and emerging threat profile and take the steps necessary to mitigate risks to an acceptable level before they have a chance of negatively impacting operations, profitability, brand and long-term strategic objectives.

Grey International consulting framework, is a secure and flexible tool that enables you to build, maintain and activate your organization’s crisis management plans. By facilitating communication and collaboration and the capture of contact records, plans and documentation. We enable you to respond quickly and effectively to any incident. Our team build crisis management, business continuity or resilience programs that provide the overall platform, team framework, playbooks and communication protocols needed to enable an effective response.

Grey International enhances your capabilities through creative and realistic training and exercising. These are focussed on ensuring roles and responsibilities are understood and provide forums to practice responding to realistic crisis scenarios in a safe and learning-focused environment.