Creating A Secure Organization

  • Skills

    Framework, PR, HR, Security, Policy

  • Client

    Govt, NGO, Corp, Civ


01. Intro

Our approach to creating a secure organization is based on the specific threats to your organization – avoiding a one-size fits all approach to creating a secure organization, which can over-burden companies or prioritize the wrong risks. We identify your specific risks to provide targeted security that won’t impede on your operations.

02. Brief


Integrated corporate security that sets a clear strategic framework is at the core of our approach. In order to prevent counterproductive organizational security compartmentalization. We help integrate workable solutions into your existing structures where it is most needed. A secure organization is one that has identified what matters most and integrated solid security mechanisms. We regard the safety of all your assets – your people and their physical and technological environment as interwoven. They sit in a context of reputational jeopardy and ever-growing regulatory requirements and this shapes our approach to your security.

Our integrated approach to organizational security has been developed over decades, and is founded on our guiding principle that adverse incidents happen and risk-taking is unavoidable and part of any successful business. Too much security can burden your organization, too little leaves your operations exposed and your board potentially liable. Grey International combines experience and expertise with technological know-how giving your people the confidence they need to focus on growth.

Our strategy at Grey International, is to identify threats and risks and combine these with your business goals, operational context and sector peers to design purpose-built risk mitigation strategies and organizations. We help you transform your security program, and ensure effective execution and responsive improvements.

03. Solution


We have the expertise to conduct risk and threat assessments on an individual, facility or location and beyond – right up to a national risk assessment. All our security consultants work in concert with our political risk experts, cyber security professionals and the full spectrum of our global expertise to ensure that your security strategy integrates all risks and threats. There are demonstrable benefits from this approach: better security risk management, improved reputation and branding, increased employee productivity, better security metrics and increased effectiveness.