Grey International

Emergency Response

  • Skills

    Rapid Response, Logistics, PR, Medical

  • Client

    Govt, NGO, Corp


01. Intro

It is very disruptive and potentially traumatic when something happens that strikes at the core of an organization. Employees, shareholders and stakeholders are all affected. The suspicion of wrongdoing, a dispute, or an attack on your systems, assets and people must not create paralysis or rash decisions. A quick, measured response and recovery are vital.

02. Brief

Experience & Expertise

Resolving critical issues and crises is a core part of Grey International services, developed over years during which we have helped a multitude of clients in various countries. Whether you are facing a complex crisis or an imminent threat to life, we can help you navigate, respond to and resolve the most difficult of circumstances.

Preparation and readiness underpin the most successful response and recovery strategies, but whatever the situation, Grey International has the required expertise and experience. Our specialists include crisis management and security consultants, investigators, protective services, cyber incident responders, technology experts, workplace violence consultants and problem solvers.

03. Solution

Perspective & Stability

When faced with a critical issue or crisis, we establish perspective to help clients understand the dynamics in the relevant jurisdictions. We bring measured, calm and seasoned judgement to the most stressful of situations combined with the ability – refined over decades of practical crisis handling – to lower the emotional temperature and bring order to chaos. We then set roadmap for decision making and ensure the necessary resources are made available before deploying teams to execute the response.
Throughout each stage of our support to clients, Grey International is focused about not just the response itself, but the longer term business recovery. We work with you as business returns to normal to assess the response and capitalise on lessons learned to ensure that you emerge stronger.

No matter what, why, when and where we are always ready to support. Please get in contact with us and hear what we have to offer.