Grey International


  • Skills

    HR, Operational

  • Client

    Govt, NGO, Corp, Civ

  • Specialties:

    Operational, Tactical, K9 (Dogs), Preventive, Framework


01. Intro

Organizations and companies need to be prepared – to immediately respond to an accident, serious incident, emergency, security incident, or other type of emergency. Crisis Management of an accident or incident is very complex and fast moving, with decisions needing to be made by the leadership – quickly, correctly, and decisively. There is no time after an accident for Emergency Response training of staff or policy making. Therefore, the majority of Emergency Response Planning and training should be done well ahead of time, and on a recurring basis.

02. Brief

Our Approach

With a focus on prevention, students learn to recognize the pre-event indicators that are present prior to incidents, whether the situation is a terror attack, an active shooter, an attempted assassination, workplace violence, or any potentially dangerous event.

We teach professionals as well as civilians how to read the environment and behavior of individuals to proactively identify and subsequently react to threats.

All but the most basic training requirements are unique, and we deliver truly tailored programs to meet the specific requirements of the client.

We have extensive experience in tailoring and delivering simple and complex training solutions and will make the process smooth and seamless.

03. Solution


Grey International delivers several types of training services consisting of customized training and teaching programs to enhance the capabilities of individuals, NGO’s, corporations, and organizations, as well as military/PMC operators working in complex environments.

Further, Grey International provides specialized training for Working & Service-dog handlers as well as fully trained detection, search & rescue and personal service/disability dogs. For existing dog teams looking for a realistic challenging training environment, we provide access to our dedicated 1200 acre hostile environment training facility in South Florida, including rubble (collapsed) buildings, school buildings, dining facilities, multi-block prison facility (prison) and our storage facility (hanger) .