Contingency Planning

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Every year, nearly one in five businesses and organizations suffer a significant interruption. Solid business continuity plans and good crisis preparation prevent such interruptions from becoming business-critical issues threatening viable operations.

Grey International takes a thorough, “all-hazards” approach that supports the entire business continuity process, enabling our clients to develop robust, repeatable plans.



Grey International consultants work with clients to identify the threats and risks they face and develop and implement systems and strategies. We set up and train teams to manage crises at all levels of an organization.

Well-designed business continuity plans and crisis management processes will recover the business in an orderly way and within specified timeframes. Such plans are critical to ensuring that essential operations can carry on in the event of an interruption and that damage to a corporation’s reputation, employees, assets, and commercial viability is kept to a minimum.

How We Help

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Grey International business continuity and crisis management consultants provide support throughout the entire business continuity life-cycle:

Business Impact Analysis – We identify critical business processes, people, systems and dependencies, and the impact their interruption would have on business.

Risk Assessment – We design and run realistic simulations to test plans and systems and help personnel develop the knowledge and skills they need to manage crises. We use workshops to review and identify the risks and threats to a client’s business, staff, reputation, customers, property, and other assets.

Strategies – Our consultants work closely with clients to investigate and develop strategies for recovery before any severe impact is suffered.

Document Plans – We document strategies, implement crisis management structures and create clear lines of escalation and communications.

Exercise and Implement – Exercises for our client’s business continuity teams allow them to practice their roles and responsibilities when their plan is put into action. We also offer awareness training to a broader group of employees to build their knowledge of the plans.

Review and Maintain – Grey International helps clients review and maintain their business continuity plans to ensure they continue to reflect changing threats.

Manage Interruptions – In the event of an interruption, expertise from Grey International can help keep the impact, costs, and reputational damage to a minimum.

Technology & System

Grey International has developed a powerful suite of crisis-management methodologies and solutions. These help clients set up best-practice crisis-control rooms in a matter of hours or days, rapidly assess the effect of crises, and pinpoint the stakeholders with the most significant potential impact in resolving or deepening the crisis. Our scenario-building tools help forecast how the crisis might unfold and prepare preemptive actions. Our recovery program templates and rapid design tools ensure accelerated long-term recovery.

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