Disaster Management

Identify, respond, document and assess strategic and operational disasters.

We help organizations and government leaders take immediate control of the situation, stabilize their organizations, and accelerate and deliver on recovery.

Our Disaster Management services offer government, community, humanitarian, and corporations the ability to identify, respond, document, and assess strategic and operational disasters and incidents as a dedicated discipline.



Our systematic approach to ERM focuses on five dimensions, each of which is substantiated with industry-specific diagnostics, benchmarks, and best-practice recommendations:

We help our clients identify, quantify, and prioritize their most significant risks as well as related opportunities. We utilize a combination of advanced quantification methods and systematic integration of qualitative factors, including business-management judgment. To complement validated approaches, we integrate forward-thinking in risk measurement and management reporting. We advise our clients on appropriate operational, data, and IT solutions.

Our clients gain a clear perspective of their most significant risks and the related returns and the structure of their portfolio of risks, and how to utilize them to improve strategic, financial, and operational decision-making.

How We Help

We Got You Covered

We dispatch seasoned professionals with a proven track record from our extensive global network. Our consultants are integrated into existing management teams with country and sector experience, balanced between local nationals and expatriate representation. Where possible, our security professionals are locally based or have extensive location-based experience. Our structures and methodologies set best practices and have been refined over decades to support complex projects worldwide. Our world-class security team is global, multi-disciplinary, and seamless.
Technology & Systems

Grey International has developed a powerful suite of risk-management methodologies and solutions. These help clients design and implement integrated risk-management solutions and bring a risk-reward perspective to strategic decision-making and day-to-day operations.

Our scenario-building tools help forecast how risks might unfold and prepare preemptive actions.

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